Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting back in the swing...hit me one more time!

Computer died. Blogging stopped. Better now.

So, new challenge. This would have been a great one for December, but we will just do it for January. Take any challenge from the last year and submit one more recipe from it. I found that I kept making recipes that would have been perfect for "last months challenge" and still wanted to share.

Monday, December 5, 2011

If I may suggest a challenge...

I don't know what the protocol is for who gets to choose the monthly challenge, but I have a dilemma and a challenge for the rest of you.

We got back from Thanksgiving to find out that the control panel on our glorious built-in double oven was fried. Meaning: my Christmas present this year is getting the oven fixed. And since it's a discontinued model, it's also a very expensive and back-ordered Christmas present.

I'm lucky that we're traveling for Christmas so no entertaining responsibilities fall to me, but I have to make it through the next month with no oven.

Enter my challenge: Make something seasonal without the use of an oven.(For extra points, no stove either.) Inspire me. It's going to be a long month of crockpot suppers.