Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September Challenge - Never Say Never

First of all, ignore the last post.  It was an accident.

Second of all, I know it is not quite September yet.  I am giving everyone who won't post extra time.  AND, I have already started this challenge, so let's go!  What have you said that you would NEVER do?  Buy cupcakes from the grocery store, cook with spam, eat cole slaw?  This challenge is for you to do what you said you would NEVER do.

Case and point:  I can't remember when I first heard of meal plans.  I think I got my dad a cook book with meal plans, which was good for him, but I don't need that!  Fast forward a couple of years.  I am busy, my CSA is taking a break, and my 100 days of real food blog keeps mentioning new sponsors who are meal plan companies, and I am dismissing and judging. I mean really!  (#whitepeopleproblems) (who does that?) (#amItoooldtousehastags?)  Last week, all of a sudden it hit me that it might be kind of nice if someone just told me what to make, and then I made it.  So I will be posting a week in the life of a meal plan.

Happy cooking!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Not quite the same thing, but sometimes after I get the latest issue of Cooking Light, if there are recipes I like, I just do all CL recipes.