Friday, October 5, 2012

Eggplant pesto (a little late for last month's challenge)

It's very judgmental of me, but I generally try to avoid blogs with names like ""  We only occasionally eat meat and often our meals our vegan, but something about a blog name like that makes also think that the recipes are also taste free.

So for the challenge, I found one of the first pins I posted on Pinterest and whipped up some eggplant pesto.
I feel like I should also get points because I made pasta and I really don't like pasta that much.  The pesto turned out to be pretty good.  There was no oil, but the roasted eggplant made and excellent binder.  The could-be bland pesto was helped along with almonds, sun dried tomatoes, and garlic (quantities of which i doubled) and the real winner- a generous helping of nutritional yeast.  Add some tomatoes and it might a nice little vegan meal- though I wouldn't object to some grated Parmesan on top.


wirrek said...

I LOVE the eggplant pesto. It is a way you can make eggplant and then freeze it for later!

Suzy said...

This looks so awesome I can't wait to try it, I would also love to start sending in my own recipes, how do I do this?