Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cranberry and Tuna Salad...except not really


Robin posted this recipe our first year and I had never heard of cranberry beans. I was able to buy some borlotti beans from Rancho Gordo, but was shocked to see some actual cranberry beans in the local grocery store recently. I bought a bag.

When re-reading this recipe, I had a decision to make. Did I really want to use the tuna? I think I might try that one day, but for my purposes, I left it out. And the lettuce leaves. Ok, so now it is just a regular bean salad...but it was still pretty good. The flavor of these beans was a little meaty, and although I was hesitant to add the salt early, the beans still got soft and the beans were well seasoned. I made all the beans, but halved the recipe for the salad. I will probably use the remainder for a pasta e fageoli in a few months.

Served it with Italian Beef Sandwiches and corn.


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