Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mexican Quinoa Salad


So, the vegans came to dinner...

I invited the people who inspired my vegan conversion for dinner Sunday night. They hosted us a few weeks back, and that in addition to everything else, I really owed them a dinner. It was a little intimidating to do this, but it turns out ok. I made the sweet potato and black bean burritos that have been posted here before. I also made a tomato and avacado salsa. Now, to be honest, if it was just me and Mark, I would call that good. But is it company good? Not sure. I decided that I needed to make some rice. Oh wait, I have this quinoa challenge! I'll make some of that. I did a quick google search and it was hard to find a recipe that did not include ingredients I was already planning on using: tomatoes, black beans, etc. I did find this one recipe which had spinach and corn instead. Score!

I followed the recipe, but made changes to make it eaiser. ;) One, I used red wine vinegar instead of apple cider in the dressing. But that is just cause I'm an idiot. Oops! Instead of sauting the fresh corn and steaming the fresh spinach, I just added both to the hot quinoa and stirred it up. That's how I roll!

The result was not earth shattering, but it was a nice little salad. All the vegans (and Mark) ate it up. I had no leftovers. I could see making it again.


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