Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pecan Maple Breakfast Cookies

Or, Honey Sunshine Snack Time Cookies

I had to bring snack for BOTH KIDS last week. The director apologized as I lugged both snack bags out the day before. However, I do think it was better this way. I made one thing for both kids. I had made this recipe before using honey for my sweetner and sunflower seeds as my nut. The schools are nut free, so gotta use the seeds. Honestly, the honey just wasn't sweet enough, so I would either use more or something else. I used maple syrup this time. Much better. Also, the last time I made them, I attempted a vegan version using flaxseed and water egg substitute and well, they turned green in 24 hours. So, yes, sometimes eggs are better. The fruit is apple sauce, which I admit, barely counts for this challenge, but I think this would be a great one with pumpkin.


Oh, and I think the yield is way off. I double the recipe and got exactly 24 cookies.

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