Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pumpkin Waffles

Have I mentioned my son Andy? He doesn't really eat anything, especially anything healthy. He likes the P foods: pizza, puffins, and pancakes. Saturday is our pancake day, but we do vary it with waffles. We had an open can of pumpkin one time, so I have been throwing some pumpkin in every now and then. Andy is against the pumpkin, but James and I like it, so we just don't tell him.

I used a recipe from Vegan with a vengence that is similar to this one, but without the yogurt. It make a ton which is good. Andy will eat these for the rest of the week. We did snow waffles, which is a sprinkle of powdered sugar instead of syrup. Andy eats it top down:


James likes it, but not as much as Andy!


This is Mark's plate, not mine. There are 2 major differences between this picture and one that I would take for me. Can you tell what they are?


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