Monday, March 5, 2012

Black Eyed Pea Stew With Rice


For New Years Day, I normally don't participate in the hoppin' john/green tradition mainly cause I don't really like either of them. However, last year I decided I needed all the help I could get and made Black Eyed Pea Stew with Rice from Michelle's Blog. And it worked, I finally ended up getting a job! When New Years 2012 rolled around, I knew I had to keep it going and made the same recipe. This year, however, I couldn't find the nice fresh black eyed peas for some reason, so I cooked up some dried and had half the package still in my freezer. Since it is still stew season here, and with this challenge, I decided to make it again.

There is a lot of different stuff in it, so it ends up being a very hardly soup. Very healthy too.

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