Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunshine Salad

We made this from Peas and Thank You last week. Wait a sec, by we, I mean I. We who?


This is a raw kale salad I had bought some curly kale "just incase" and although this recipe specifically mentioned, "don't use with curly kale" I decided to chance it.

Mark loved it. I thought it was ok. Probably because I thought in the back of my head it was supposed to be made with a different kind of kale! But Mark, he said everything he was suppose to. Cesear-ish. He liked it. I can't wait to try again with the correct green!

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Michelle said...

I love this salad - it's one of the only kale salads I eat. I try to make it with lactino kale, but have used regular kale if needed. I'm impressed your husband ate it. Mine won't touch kale salads.