Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pressure Cooker Parmesean Risotto

I am a huge fan of risotto.  Huge.  Love it.  I don't make it, not because I don't like the constant stirring (I never did that anyways and it always turned out fine), but I stopped eating it because it was a simple carbohydrate.  Apparently, we need more fiber.  At any rate, I found this FREE recipe from Cooks Illustrated for a risotto and I decided to make it even though I think it had no nutritional value what so ever.  Turned out to be a great Friday night meal.  Andy helped me get everything started:

 photo 066_zpsa2f00ae3.jpg

Then we locked the lid into place and allowed the pressure to build:

 photo 076_zpsdc8ac922.jpg

I made the kids back up!

 photo 069_zps13b8bbe1.jpg

I think 7 minutes later, it was done!

 photo 078_zpsba6041ab.jpg

Result was that it was pretty good.  The kids called this cheesy rice.  Again, it came together quickly and ended up being a very tasty and special Friday night meal.

This was a free recipe, so if you want it, print it out ASAP before CI takes it off the web!

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