Saturday, February 9, 2013

February - Pressure Cooker

Ok, so this is 9 days late...sorry!  But I did tell everyone last month that this month's challenge would be using a pressure cooker.  Here's the backstory:  My dad is a huge fan of the pressure cooker.  Can you hear his slightly Alabaman accent "cook-ker"?  He has been blown across the room from one of these contraptions and he is still a fan.  I think my mom threw out his original one, but he uses his current cook-ker at least once a week when we come for dinner.  His favorite dish - Thai Style Pork Chops. 

A few years ago, he said he was going to get my sister and I a Pressure Cooker, but couldn't find one without the apparently federally mandated safety features.  I guess the new fangled ones don't let the pressure get high enough.  He was mad.  Keturah and I were, well, yeah, we were disappointed as well.

THIS Christmas he could barely contain his glee...."you are never going to guess what I got you!"  I think for half a second...."is it a pressure cooker?"  My dad glares at me.  I actually think I am wrong for a half a second, then he mutters something about me not being able to keep a secret.  Whatever.  Had the exact same reaction from my sister.  At any rate, we are the proud owners of our very own pressure cook-kers.

This challenge is to use a pressure cooker!  If you don't have one, I can't imagine they would be hard to find at a thrift store.  Get one and play along!

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KAJ said...

That "thrift store" thing is funny:) Have you heard that song? :)