Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our try at a sit down meal.

I'll admit.  We never set the table.  Since we moved up to DC for only a year, I brought absolutely no serving pieces with me.  Plus, I always make double portions of meals, so if I set it all out in front of me, I would easily eat double portions of everything.  (More than I already do.)

Regardless, we had a friend coming up to visit and I spent the morning making a Sri Lankan meal. 

From the top left clockwise, steamed basmati rice,  seeni sambol (Sri Lankan salty, spicy, fishy, sweet and sour condiment of the gods), pol sambol (a close second choice of condiment- coconut and onion based and very spicy), pineapple curry, and appa (otherwise know as hoppers), a fermented rice and coconut milk crepe with an egg steamed on top.   
And the whole spread in its glory.  And like I promised, we ate every last crumb.  We've made hoppers before and they might be my favorite meal on earth, but the pineapple curry was surprisingly good too.  I'm not usually a fan of hot fruit, but the combination of the pineapple with onions and spices was amazing.  It's going on my list of regulars.

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wirrek said...

Thanks for trying to eat at the table!