Saturday, October 3, 2009

October - My Cooking Light Message Board

Before blogs, there were message boards and I have been a member of the cooking light message board since 2000. That is right after the internet was invented...I think. I don't post much, but lurk a lot and always get so much out of it.

Cooking Light Message Board

Follow that link and then head to the "good food" board. In some ways this will be an easy challange. Low fat, full fall, vegetarian, freezer meals, make ahead, breads, soups...everything is on there. However, it will be difficult just due to the amount of information on there. You can just follow the day's threads or do a search of your own. The search feature is a little tricky. I suggest doing an advanced search and then "search titles only".

The term cooking light is really just a title at this point. When I first discovered this board, everyone was indeed trying to cook light, but now the emphasis is on cooking healthy: little-no processed foods, veggies, healthy sources of fat. However, there should be something for everyone! Happy cooking!

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