Friday, March 12, 2010

Wearin' o' the Green Muffins

The pictures don't do this one justice, but trust me, they are GREEN!


I was going to make these for James's snack for preschool, but I decided at the last minute that I just couldn't. There was nothing really healthy about the muffins. They are made with pisachio pudding mix and that is what gives them the green color. I ended up making these for playgroup the next day. Most people really seemed to like them. The kids were not enamored with the "green" muffins as you would think they would be, but they liked them because they tasted good. I do think that maybe the oven temp was a bit high, resulting in too much browning. And if I made them again, I would leave out the chopped pisachios. It just didn't go with the rest of the muffin.

Here is James trying to show how green these were on the inside. Again, you just can't tell...


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KAJ said...

In time...those kids will truly appreciate the green muffins!! Well DONE!!!