Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Bean Nacho Pizza


I wanted to try another "different" type of pizza and this one had many good reviews. It is from Eating Well. Although the directions are for grilling, I just cooked it in my oven. Maybe next time. I did follow the oven directions closely which tells you to cook it for a few minutes on a hot pan, then flip, top, and cook again. That actually worked out very well and this pizza had a nice crisp crust, similar to nachos.

I used the dough recipe listed, but in the black bean dip I used half chili/half ancho powder. Don't think I would do that again. The ancho powder made it too...I don't know, musty tasting.

All in all, a good pizza, not to hard to make. I liked the addition of the fresh tomatoes and green onions which brighted up the end result.


And is it me, or did April go by way to fast? I had one more pizza on deck this weekend, but the month is OVER! :(


Juliet said...

This challenge really seemed to capture every one's interest!

Michelle said...

I like the crust technique. I'll have to try that. I make a similar pizza, kinda my version of the CPK Tostada Pizza. I think the added fresh veggies at the end make the dish. I love the fresh crunch contrasted with the baked crust and beans.

wirrek said...

Michelle - I think I have seen your black bean pizza and always wanted to try it. This was probably close to that.