Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicken, Red Grape, and Pesto Pizza

I know, right?


So, I was looking for something different...maybe not this different, but it had some good reviews. What the heck, I thought I would try it.

This probably is suppose to be a superfast recipe, as it has lots of store bought ingredients. I didn't have much luck with the store bough pizza dough, but I did get the generic. Other than the dough, this pizza was....awesome. No really, everything went together really well. I highly recommend trying it. If the grapes are too much, you could sub grape tomatoes. I am pretty sure Mark picked off all the grapes from his pizza. He is not Open Minded.


Have I mentioned my kids don't like pizza? They got a pretty good meal with it deconstructed.


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KAJ said...

Man! I bet your kids really ate up the...? the...? What did your kids eat? :)

Did your husband like the crazy fun pizza?