Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuscan Steak and Beans


I really was trying to find a nice grilled meal from Big Dude's blog. Thanks to my CSA, we weren't grilling a lot of meat, so it has been tough. However, I saw this post and just had to try. Totally up my alley. Plus, we had been getting a ton of cherry tomatoes (none this past week so I had to buy some, but that is neither here nor there). This is not a grilled dish, but it is a one pan wonder. You cook the meat, then take it out to rest, then add the remaining ingredients. I was a little hesitant because big dude did not seem to like it much, but eh, I figure I would give it a shot.

Ok, really loved it. At least, I did. I made a few changes. 1. Probably used more oil than I should have. 2. Cooked the (red) onions for 5 minutes, then added the tomatoes for 5 minutes, THEN added spices and vinegar and beans. I really wanted the tomatoes to cook down and the onions to get nice and brown. Next time I will cut the tomatoes in half. 3. Used less basalmic vinegar, about 2T total.

I hope to make this again, but maybe with chicken to save some money. I served it with corn bread, only because I forgot to get the bread machine going in time.

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