Saturday, August 6, 2011

Late submissions- watermelon feta salad, sugared figs, and fig jam.

After a busy month and weeks of travel, we settled back into trying to work our way through our CSA share.
I made this watermelon-feta-mint salad. I enjoyed one serving, but then remembered I don't really like watermelon. The recipe called for red wine vinegar. I think I may have preferred balsalmic vinegar.
Our favorite part of summer is blueberry picking. We all love blueberries so much, we've eaten these 8 pounds before I had a chance to make anything with them.

We also came home with a nice stock of figs. Since figs only last a day after picking, I had to think fast.
First, I made sugared figs. You boil the figs for a minute, dip them in sugar and place them on the dehydrator for a few hours.
Remove them when they resemble prunes. Delicious.
The remaining figs were quartered, mixed with a quarter cup of sugar and refrigerated overnight. The sugar helps draw out the figs' juice. I slow-cooked the figs for a few hours.
Then blended it all into a delicious low-sugar jam.
I spent today "putting up" more veggies. I froze squash and peppers, made sauce out of tomatoes and dehydrated more tomatoes. I used my bread maker to make pizza dough and topped it with some of my sauce, the roasted tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese.
I used the remainder of the dough to make monkey bread. I rolled dough balls in cinnamon and sugar. It will make a great breakfast treat.

I substituted whole wheat flour for half the flour in my dough recipe. Generally, it's against my principals to try to make certain foods healthier. For example, pizza, fast food, ice cream, and cheese. My theory is that I eat healthy most of the time so that I can enjoy my favorite unhealthy foods in their true forms- not that dry, cardboard fat-free cheese they sell.

The whole wheat pizza crust was surprisingly good. It didn't compare with my favorite pizza joints, but two pieces did fill me up.

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wirrek said...

Yay! You have been busy! When I do a watermelon feta salad, I just go watermelon, feta, and fresh black pepper. No vinegar needed!