Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Challenge - Freezes/Reheats Well

I love to cook, but with two young children, it can be hard during the week. So my new thing has been to cook several things over the weekend, and then reheat and/or cook in the oven on a weeknight. I usually make extra and freeze some too. That way we get home cooked meals without all the effort during the week.

So - the challenge for March are recipes that can be made ahead of time and either refrigerated or frozen to cook later.


wirrek said...

Sweet. This is how I have been cooking also. Love those leftovers!

KAJ said...

This is great! To me, it also is the "What to give someone that just had a baby or surgery?" catagory!!

Which, by the way, I am doing in May if you want to send something to my freezer!! :)