Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baked Oatmeal Squares

I used to eat oatmeal every single day. Then one day I got sick of it. However, I am always on the lookout for new oatmeal recipes. I decided to check out the blog the person I blog stalk, blog stalks and found this recipe for baked oatmeal squares. This recipe appealled to me for two reasons. One, it says you can also use it as chewy granola bars and two, it is vegan and we are thinking about going vegan. (are you shocked? You tell people this and they are just shocked. It will probably just be a 10 day challenge, but people don't listen. They are too shocked)

I made it just as the recipe stated, except did not use organic brown sugar. And took pictures as they are on that blog. You can tell my camera is not as good. Oh well.

First your combine dry ingredients:

Blend your wet ingredients until smooth:

Mix the two together:

I made mine the night before and let it sit in the fridge:

Baked it:

Then ate it. I topped mine with unsweetened almond milk (what is the deal with sweetened almond milk? I will have to figure that out before I go vegan)

This was really good and I liked it. Unfortuately, could not use it as granola bars, but still a good recipe.


Michelle said...

I get to be her number one fan, not you! :)

Is the texture too wet? Sometimes the baked squares have a bit of a wet texture.

As for the almond milk, I think it is a matter of preference and if you are drinking it and/or cooking with it - like you wouldn't want sweetened in a savory dish.

We should do a vegan challenge some month. I'm all over it. Except that all my recipes will come from Peas and Thank You.

wirrek said...

I did not think the texture was too wet. It was definately "mushier" than regular oatmeal, but I liked it.

I actually want to do a gluten-free challenge...but that may be too much!