Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little pathetic

I told you I am a blog stalker, right?

I started making some smoothies to try to get Andy to eat fruits and vegtables. He doesn't, we tried it, didn't really work. But these smoothies are quite delicious, so I started making some for me. For breakfast. I made Orange-Carrot Smoothie one day:



And avacado-orange smoothie another:


Very healthy, not very filling. Good for breakfast before running with Jenny when we are just going to go to the bagel places afterwards. Maybe I should make them bigger? Not sure...

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Michelle said...

If loyal blog reading = stalking, then I am seriously a felon. Glad you liked the smoothies! I can't have just a smoothie for breakfast if I'm going to have an active morning. Which is every morning with kids. So I eat nuts or oatmeal or, how weird is this?, miso soup with the smoothie.