Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whole-wheat pancakes


My other new thing besides being vegan is this idea of "real food". Found another blog where they have challenged themselves to eat only real food. Real food is defined as no processed food and includes no white flour and no white sugar. Seems pretty strict to me. At any rate, on saturday mornings, I usually make pancakes or waffles and this past saturday, I made this recipe. It was suppose to be banana pancake, but I hate banannas. I just left them out.

This recipe uses white whole wheat flour. I think that is kind of cheating, but I believe you can't use straight whole wheat flour because it won't work. Not enough gluten, I think. But the white whole wheat flour worked well, so I could probably use it again.

The kids always help me make breakfast. Here it is, not even 7:30 and darth james has already showed up.


I use a cast iron griddle I put on the stove top. It always seems to make the pancakes a little burnt, but Mark really likes it that way.


If I remember, I make an "J" and an "A" for my kids. I don't always remember, so I get in trouble.


These were ok. Definately not as delicious as those made with white sugar and white flour, but the same texture as Trader Joe's whole wheat pancake mix. I ate mine with maple syrup and that helped. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating them!



Michelle said...

Whole White Flour is the same as whole wheat flour. Wheat can be either red or white, depending on the color of the endosperm. Most whole wheat flour is from red wheat because is is more common and, I think, easier to grow. White wheat is used to make white whole wheat flour which is a bit more mild in taste since the lack of color also leads to a less bitter flavor. It is also slightly lower in protein and gives a bit more tender baked good.

But, they are both whole wheat and both considered 'real food.' Kinda like comparing red cabbage to green cabbage. Different colors, different tastes, but both whole foods.

Um, I had a lot of grain science in school and on the job. Can you tell? I'm kinda a dork.

wirrek said...

Huh, very interesting. But isn't it true that while whole wheat flour acts more like regular white flour in cooking rather than whole wheat flour? I think I am missing something here...