Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spicy cucumber blueberry salad


I came across this recipe a few months ago. I bookmarked it and kept it in mind when I knew I would have a ton of cucumbers and have picked blueberries. That finally happened this week so I put it all together for a 4th of July meal. It was easy to put together. I chopped and assembled it all during naptime/quiettime to bring to my parent's house. My mom seemed interested in it. My dad, not so much. It came together easily and although I didn't measure I feel like I followed the recipe pretty closely. The one exception, I didn't add any cumin...I just sounded a little weird. Weird like watermelon-feta salad:


Now THAT would be crazy. (crazy delicious, but whatever!)

James, who loves blueberries and has been know to eat cucumbers, would not touch this. Too much "green stuff". Oh well!

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