Thursday, April 2, 2009

April's Challenge - State of the Economy Challenge

I apologize for being late on April's challenge. The change over to the new month slipped my mind. This month's challenge is to post recipes that can be made for roughly $10 or under. I'm not going to stipulate a number of servings but try to post things that at least serve 2 adults. I've stewed over how to tally things like herbs and dabs of things but in order to keep it simple here is a generic list of Freebie ingredients:

standard dried pantry herbs including salt/pepper
anything you pick from your own garden (yep, if you went to all that work ... you don't have to count it in your total)
pats of butter or swigs of oil for cooking
a slice of anything ... (like a slice of bread from a whole loaf)


You get the idea I think ... use your best judgement and your best cost estimate. Or share things you do to cut your grocery costs since this seems to be a hot topic lately.

For extra points: Go to your local library and check out a new cookbook for your $10 inspirations!


wirrek said...

Sounds good, but there might be a lot of math involved.

KAJ said...

WOW, this is definitely not by forte! I am up for it ... I know the my hubbie will be excited!