Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't want to peak to early!!

My husband has been wanting to cook this for the blog for as long as I can remember!

$ 2.00 Hamburger Helper... Then he always says, "Doesn't need any help to me!"
$ 0.39 1 1/3cup milk a gallon of organic milk cost me $6.29
$ 3.56 1 lb 90/10 beef

$ 5.99 for corn! WHAT! is that right?!? Did I pay that much?!? Crap, this challenge is tough.
TOTAL!! $11.94


Anonymous said...

For the record, the phrase is "Don't know why they call this hamburger helper. It does just fine by itself."

--Cousin Eddie from the original Vacation

Mel said...

You got ripped off on the corn :) but on the positive side, you reminded me how yummy Hamburger Helper actually is. Brings back all those memories from poor college days....

KAJ said...

I want it known that I could have just not included the corn, but I put it on there...with the actual price.

I do think I am going back to the store and check on this price though!! WOW!

Michelle said...

You know - I used to work on Hamburger Helper back in my MN days. I have eaten way more of it than I'd think humanly possible, but there were some scientists that spent their ENTIRE career on Helpers. As in ate it multiple times a day for 20 years. I had to eat it almost daily when pregnant with Little Mister which is pretty much torture to a pregnant woman. Especially when you have to eat it at 9:00 am. Ugh.

Robin said...

Too funny! Yep, I'd hate for you to really wow us in the first week, so pace yourself! I think I have subconsciously removed hamburger helper from my memory (until now) ... I overdosed on the stuff as a kid and in college and can't seem to eat it anymore. I feel a little guilty now that I'm denying my little girl this great childhood experience of hamburger helper. Maybe I need to give it another shot!