Monday, July 12, 2010

Zucchini Penne

Ok, so I'll have to update later with a better picture (when I make it again). I realized right after finishing supper tonight that what I made fell in line with this month's challenge, so the picture is of the very little bit that we have left over.

I put a pot of whole wheat penne pasta on to boil. I took two zucchini from my garden, sliced them into half-moons, and then sauteed them in some extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, and ground ginger. I took one of my roma tomatoes from my garden and diced it. (Side note--I have the same love/hate thing going on with tomatoes as Kerri, and for the same reasons!)

I drained the pasta, added the zucchini and tomatoe, and then added a little more EVOO, ginger, and garlic. Viola! My munchkin LOVED it (had two full kid bowls of it) and I liked it well enough to fix it again later when the next zucchini comes out of the garden.

I think the next time I fix this we'll probably have some grilled chicken or something of the sort to accompany it.

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