Saturday, July 3, 2010

four cheese pizza

Think back to the pizza challenge. I had two recipes on deck that I never got to make. One I actually had purchased all the ingredients for, but didn't make it until the next month. I did make this in June, and am only getting to post it now.


This recipe was in a recent issue of cooking light that focused on pizza. I did not make the dough that was listed, and intead used my old standby in my bread machine. You do have to buy some different sorts of cheeses, but they stayed good in my frige and I was able to get three pizzas out of them. I did not use taleggio and still have no idea what it is, but instead used a swiss. This is an easy, yet impressive pizza. My dad said it was one of the best he had eaten! He might have been talking about the plain old pepperoni one though...

(this isn't a good picture - sorry!)


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