Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moon over Gaffney

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You might be thinking that Georgia, with their "Peachtree City"s and their "Peachtree Lane"s is the peach capital of the world. That is not true. South Carolina produces more peaches per captia then Georgia and most of them come from Gaffney, SC. To celebrate this, the city of Gaffney shaped their water tower to look like a peach, complete with a crack that faces the interstate. Everyone calls it the "Moon over Gaffney".

See, bet you didn't know that. Bet you didn't really need to know it either. Anyways...

I am not a huge fan of peaches, probably because most of the peaches that I have had were the fake kind. For the sake of this challenge, I decided to give them a try. The problem that I ran into to is that over Easter weekend, there was a hard freeze which killed off most of the peach crop. The peaches that are left aren't very good, and they are very expensive. I didn't just taste one raw, but made a deep dish peach raspberry pie with my peaches.

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I actually used both raspberries and blueberries along with the peaches to make this pie. I added a little more sugar than the recipe called for because I don't think my peaches were ripe yet. The result was a beautiful and hearty dessert that was not to sweet, and was perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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And yes, Mark liked it!!

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Anonymous said...

Some of us like to call it "The Butt in the Sky".