Friday, October 10, 2008


They are like raisins but better!

I figured since cranberries were hard to come by in Germany, that craisins would be a good product to mention. I like to use craisins in some homemade granola. I made some granola for a snack with a playdate with someone who had celiac disease. It was soooo good, that I went out and bought some. YUCK! It wasn't even the same thing. James and I like to make a variation of classic granola from USA Today. I use craisins, coconut, and pecans for my "extra ingredients". I think what makes this recipe so good is that you bake the craisins along with the granola. That dries them out and keeps your granola crunchy. I am going to make this for Christmas gifts for James's teachers this year. It is that good and that easy!



Mel said...

This looks like a fantastic recipe! How long does it last after made? I don't mean how long it lasts before it disappears!

wirrek said...

I keep in the freezer until, well, I eat it all. In theory it would last a really long time.