Friday, October 3, 2008

Product Review: Penzey's Cocoa and Vanilla

I like to order my spices from Penzey's. It is very cost effective. Buying my natural cocoa and double strength vanilla from there is not as cost effective, but it sure is good.


My favorite thing to make from these products are Alton Brownies. Actually, yes, they are good, but it is actually my husbands favorite thing that I make. He gets mad when I make any other kind of brownie. These are a nice in between of cake and fudgy brownies. Would you believe that after making these with the Penzey's cocoa, I actually cut back on the amount used? It comes out too chocolately otherwises. As for the vanilla, I buy double strength just because I tend to use it up too quickly otherwise.

Other penzey's must haves: cumin, turkish oregano, northwoods seasoning, cinnamon.

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Robin said...

Wow ... those brownies look incredible! I can't wait to order from Penzeys! Thanks for the recommendations!