Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trader Ming's Vegetable Shu Mai

I have some apologizing to do and some catching up to do! Sorry, I have been missing for this challenge. We are moving into a new home (finally) and I forgot how much work home ownership is! We haven't been venturing out lately. Phoenix has some great supermarkets ... among them my most recent find Trader Joe's. I really didn't know what to get here so I started by getting a few things off their most recent flyer. Here is a frozen product that we tried, vegetable dumplings. They were great and the ponzu sauce that comes with them was unbelievable. Mine don't have that browned look, which I think they get by pan frying near the end of cooking time.

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wirrek said...

I have heard good things about TJ's and we are suppose to get one here in Greenville sometime in the next year. I hope you are enjoying your house!