Friday, October 24, 2008

Product: Jiff's extra crunchy peanut butter


I really prefer smooth peanut butter myself, but the extra crunchy kind is really good in peanut butter cookies. The best peanut butter cookie recipe that I have found is from Cook's Illustrated, and it recommends the Jiff brand. This one will be in your Kerri's Greatest Hits cookbook, or you can find it here.

I am off to eat a few more right now...YUM!


lbmartinez said...

I just made these! I agree that the crunchy PB (along with the ground peanuts) makes these cookies extra-special.

Robin said...

Wow ... you take the best cookie pictures! My favorite peanut butter is the Whole Foods 365 brand (ingredient list: peanuts and salt) but I could be convinced to try another brand for these cookies!