Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hominy Grill Fish

I am going ahead and speak for both Mark and I when I say the Hominy Grill is our favorite restaurant. We had the opportunity to go there this past weekend. Instead of talking about the fish that I made, I am going to talk about the fish that they made.

Mark got the sheepshead. Yes, that is right, cornmeal crusted sheepshead. I thought the same thing. I had to ask, because really, at this place, you can never be sure if it is sheepshead or sheep's head. It was a fish. And delicious:


His sides were chower peas (aka black eyed peas) and greens.

I picked shrimp creole:


I am not sure why. I was flustered because I had just sent back wine (which I have never done), they were out of the deep fried cheese grits, and Mark had just picked the sheepshead. I panicked. It was good none the less. My favorite part was the ham, and I usually hate ham!

Hopefully I will make my own fish dish this week!

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KAJ said...

I don't know when in my life I will make it there, but I want to go!!! I love that this is your blog and you can post whatever the heck you want!!!