Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My turn - a passport to India

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Ok, totally stole that title from Rachel Ray, but last night I made an Indian meal for my first challenge recipe. It was my dad's night to cook at their house, but he jumped at the chance to come over...even though it was a completely vegetarian meal. The appetizer was black pepper crusted goat cheese, which ok, isn't Indian at all, but it is very yummy and I just had some in my fridge. The main part of the meal consisted of Palak Kofta and Fried Chickpeas. The Palak Kofta is basically spinach and potato dumplings with a cashew sauce. I am not going to post the recipe because everyone should have it except for Mel who will be getting it. (If anyone out there would like the recipe, let me know and I will get it to you). These were great, but pretty labor intensive. I made the dumplings and part of the sauce in advance so when it was dinner time, I just put it all together. This is a very rich dish and the fried chickpeas when really well with it. They were especially good drizzled with some plain yogurt. I served this with some white basmati rice.

For dessert, I made Mango Lassi which were disappointing. I think we all were expecting something like a smoothie, and that really isn't what a lassi is. Maybe I was a little stingy with the mango, but I though they kind of tasted like cucumbers. But I know what you are all thinking, did Mark like them?

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He probably liked them the most out of all of us and gave them a strong "not bad". He prefers pecan pie.


Robin said...

Kerri that is sooooo hilarious .. I was totally thinking "I wonder what Mark thought of it" and then I scrolled down and boom .... how funny ... he's become a blog critic. Maybe we can make him famous in the blog world.

Robin said...

Now that you are in the south ... is it pAH-CoN pie or pEE-CaN pie?

wirrek said...

Duh - its PEE-CAN. Like you are peeing in a can. :)