Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday dinner

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One of the recipes that I really wanted to make for this challenge was Pad Thai. I planned to make it last week, but that Thai Lime Beef Salad came up. I was planning on making it this week, but it is looking pretty busy. We will see if I get to it. I want to go ahead and submit an Italian meal from instead. This meal was inspired by Everyday Italian. The main dish was Pancetta wrapped pork roast. Is everything better wrapped with bacon? Sure!! I didn't follow the recipe very closely, but I did have a pork roast covered with pancetta. Wow, garlic-ky, which I liked, but if you are not that fond of garlic, it may be too much. The pancetta helped to keep the roast moist and different from your average sunday dinners. I served it with Creamy baked polenta with herbs and green onions, I'm sorry I mean Eye-talian style GRITS. Thanks Robin for this recipe! I love this one. For my green vegetable, I steamed some broccoli and then drizzled it with some lemon olive oil.

I'll let you know if I get to that Pad Thai!

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