Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thailand's Rad Nah (Pork Sticky Noodles)

So sorry, I just can't seem to leave Thailand! I love Thai food so much. There are so many gourmet blogs out there but one of my favorites is Appon's Thai Food. Sunday evening I tried Rad Nah (Pork Sticky Noodles). I must say the flavor was incredible but the picture we took doesn't do it justice. I need to hire a new photographer ... I think mine is too anxious to eat the subjects to care about taking the photo. Click on Appon's blog above to see a wonderful picture of the dish. I didn't end up with near enough sauce as she had in her picture even after decreasing the noodles from 300g to 250g. I would definitely make this again.

Also, I almost didn't purchase dark soy sauce ... thinking I could just use my light soy that I already had. However, you need dark soy. The consistency is like molasses not regular soy sauce as we know it.

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wirrek said...

Gosh, this really does look so good. I really should try something else next week and not just make what Robin does!