Monday, December 15, 2008

Another steal


That isn't the best picture. My camera battery was about to die, and that was the best I can do.

These jam thumbprint cookies were originally posted by Lindsey earlier this month. I felt like trying something new for a cookie party I was going to, and a double recipe of these were perfect. They didn't turn out like I was expecting, but very tasty. I think next time I would keep them in the oven a little longer to get the coconut a little toastier. They were well received and a great Christmas cookie!


KAJ said...

They remind me of those Bisquick Easy-Drop Danish we used to make when we were kids...Do you remember?

I guess you made them more than I did!

wirrek said...

That's so funny...I had the SAME thought. You know, MOM made us easy drop danish last time went spent the night. It was GREAT!