Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chicken Stemperata

I think this is my first Mario Batali recipe to try. I don't remember now what I was searching for when I stumbled onto this one. I love the one pot veggie packed meal idea but I have to say it was nothing special. I can think of a lot better ways to make a chicken stew. I probably wouldn't try this one again. The only thing that kept the meal interesting was the help I received from this little one, a future monthly challenge blogger .....

and, perhaps, the 2006 Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet that I chose with it. It's great if you need a good wine for the holidays.

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wirrek said...

Oh wow!! Look at Lidia! I mean, the stew is good too, but she looks so much like her mommy.

I think I made something similar by Giada and was disappointed in that as well. Maybe it is just an italian chicken thing.