Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goat Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno with Rachero Sauce

I cheated a little with these...I used my indoor grill pan, which I LOVE, but it is hard to clean.


I made these for our little super bowl gathering because my dad whined and whined about it. They were extremely OK. I cooked them longer than the recipe stated and they still were a little under done. The stuffing was fine, but I felt like it need a little something more to measure up to the jalapenos...maybe feta? The ranchero sauce was extremely bland, nothing special.



KAJ said...

That is not cheating at all!! Grillin' is grillin' I right?

They sound great! What a let down that they were sub-par.

Robin said...

They look beautiful ... exactly like the CL pic. I've never tried making stuffed peppers, although I love them. I agree ... feta sounds like a great sub.