Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Chile Cheeseburgers


I mentioned these last month, but they were so good, I thought I would revisit them. I found a lot of really complicated recipes for green chile cheeseburgers, but my method was easy and still pretty tasty. I just got some ground chuck, added salt and pepper, grilled, then topped with a roasted green chile (I used HATCH, but a poblano would also be good) and provolone cheese. Serve on a toasted bun. I used ground chuck which turns out is extremely fatty. I would hesistate to use a leaner cut of meat though, because the grease helps to control the heat of the pepper if you have a spicy one.

I was planning on grilling outside, but it ended up being colder than I was anticipating. Love the grill pan!


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Robin said...

Yum! These sound so incredibly good. I've roasted poblanos in the past and they hold up well ... I agree they would make a nice substitute. I may have to experiment with these.