Friday, February 6, 2009

Grilled Flatbreads

Here is another recipe I remember having cut out ages ago from a Cooking Light magazine. The grilled flatbreads were incredible. This is definitely a time consuming process because of all the dough rising time but you would definitely impress a gathering if you popped these little guys on the grill at your next BBQ. I served these plain, as is, with tomato soup last night. I'm definitely going to experiment with these ... again, the combinations are endless. Didn't someone post a Chicken Schwarma recipe not too long ago? I would love to try the two recipes together. If you have the time, definitely add these to the list to try. As with most yeast recipes the trick is to get the temperature of your water exactly right ... not too hot but not too cold.
Note: There is an error in the recipe ...they forget to tell you when to add the remaining 2 T. water. I added the remaining 2 T. water along with the 1/2 c. water after the first 30 min. rising and it worked fine.


KAJ said...

Nice!! It does seem like the possiblities are endless!

wirrek said...

I am not going to lie...the first time I saw this, I thought "no way am I ever going to make this." But I keep thinking and thinking about it. I might just do it!