Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mexican Rice


Its hard to take a good picture of rice.

I saw this thread on my cooking light message board about a CI recipe for mexican rice. I have tried it a couple of times and made it again this past week. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly as written. This rice does turn out very similar to what you get in mexican restaurants. I think many of you would like it. The only thing, I really prefer the beans and am not sure if this rice is really worth the effort. Still, it is impressive and makes a ton. A good one to keep in mind if you have a large fiesta coming up.

I served it with the layered chicken enchilads from the freezer.


Andy LOVED this rice.


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Michelle said...

I made that recipe once. It is a dead ringer for restaurant style mexican rice, but, like you, I thought it was quite a bit of work for a side. CI recipes always seem to use up every appliance and pan.