Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May - Super Sides

Hello all,

Sorry I am slow to getting to this. I have been super sick and haven't really eaten since last week. Hard to think about monthly challenges in such conditions. At any rate, my main dishes usually get all my attention, but I would like to focus on my sides this month. Could be a side salad, grain, pasta, or veggie....really anything!


KAJ said...

I knew you got sick so you could lose weight...its not right!! :) J/K Hope you feel better and I have a couple of new sides!!

wirrek said...

I know, right? I only did sparkpeople for like 2 weeks and then trying-to-sell-the-house and got-super-sick and I'm done.

Michelle said...

Selling the house and sick? Man, double whammy. Hope life perks up soon.