Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin is technically a squash, right?


So, anyways, Blog Stalker strikes again. Michelle posted these awhile back and I have been dying to make them. They were delicious! I love scones, but never had made them. I told the kids that scones were like cake, so they were into it.


Andy even ate a whole one for breakfast. Wow!


The Corner Girl said...

Sounds delicious! No recipe for you fellow bloggers to try it themselves? Or maybe I missed a link? *will check after posting*
I love pumpkin so much! I especially like it in the fall but it is good all year round. I made the most delicious pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting.
If you'd like, I have that recipe in my post, along with some other more unique pumpkin desserts.
Hope you are enjoying the fall while it's here!

The Corner Girl said...

Ah- I see that I did, indeed, miss a link to the recipe. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I am slightly obsessed with this recipe. I can't stop eating them. The texure is so perfect and the spice level is just right. I'm probably making a batch tomorrow to bring to the kid's teachers and to Bible study, that is if I don't eat them all first.