Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spaghetti Squash with Jalapeno Cream

I wanted to do something a little different.

The other things I have made were really tradition and typical squash recipes. I wanted to try something new. I have made spagetti squash before and thought it was ok, but lets face it, it isn't real spagetti. I saw this thread on my cooking light message board and wanted to try it, but it took awhile to work of the courage to actually make it.


I served it with oatmeal crusted chicken tenders from the freezer and had to make it in a disposable dish because all my real pans were still full of Thanksgiving leftovers. Mark was really excited when he first saw it, then he realized what it was. He got really mad. Apparently, he REALLY did not like the acorn squash from before. He made lots of comments. Then he tried it. All he said that it wasn't as bad as the acorn squash.


As for me, I thought this was pretty good. I used 2 of my last serrano peppers from my pepper plant and this gave it definately a pepper flavor, but really no heat. I made both kids take a bite and they did not gag on it in horror. I don't know if I would make it again, but I am looking forward to the leftovers.

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Vivian - Let's Try These... said...

Thanks for playing along. Never thought of adding peppers to spaghetti squash before.