Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corndog Muffins

I was snooping around on another blog the earlier in the week looking for "freezer recipes". (This is my new thing to do. And so far, so good...I've found two keepers!) Anyway, I scored some on-sale-AND-I-had-a-coupon Butterball Premium Turkey Franks at the grocery store, and remembered that I had seen corndog muffins on the other blog. Hmmmm....seemed easy enough.

I know there are multiple (and probably much healthier) ways of doing this, but mine was the quick-n-dirty way. I had 4 boxes of Jiffy cornbread mix on hand, so I mixed them up and poured the mix into the (sprayed) muffin tins (two 12-count). I took the dogs and cut 8 of them into thirds (it was a 10 pack, so munchkin got the others for lunch), and then placed one in each muffin.

I covered the dogs up (extra step that's not necessary, I just wanted to) and popped them in the pre-heated oven at 400* for 15 min, as per the box instructions.

They're not bad! I think I'd prefer them with beef franks, and the cornbread was pretty crumbly, but that may have just been the type of cornbread I used. (Again, it was what I had on hand at the moment.) Will be freezing the rest for later :)

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