Thursday, September 1, 2011

Foods to eat outside

First of all, I did make some additional foods for last month challenge, but incase you haven't noticed, my photosharing site, photobucket and I were in a fight. It has now been resolved and if you were wondering...I lost. Which is fine. I really like photobucket, so I will pay for it for a year and see what happens. At any rate, I did make a Cashew Vegetable Korma. I halved the recipe and it still made a ton. This was a very nice little recipe, but I did feel it was missing...SOMETHING. Not sure what, maybe a hot pepper in the puree, but if you want some Indian Food, this was a good starting point.

For the September challenge, I should tell you, I live in a College Town. Now that football season is hear, tailgating season is also here. I need your BEST recipes to eat outside. Picnic versions or any other. Bring it!


KAJ said...

Love it!! Let College Football Begin!!!

wirrek said...

Yeah! Thanks again for destroying college football for the rest of us!