Friday, September 16, 2011

Stuffed Banana Peppers


With my CSA, I have gotten a ton of banana peppers. I am about to call uncle on the banana peppers and cucumbers. If you would like any of either and live in the area, please let me know. Ms Jenny. Please call. Or Text. So finally broke down and googled banana peppers. I mean, after you pickle them (check) what do you do? Well, I ran across a lot of suggestions of just stuffing with them with sausage. Seems easy enough. I got some mild pork sausage and put them in the peppers. It seemed a little naked, so I drizzled some Mmmm Sauce on some of them. Not bad. I think this would be a good one for a tailgate. I served them with homemade pizza and intended on eating it (outside) in the screen in porch, but the kids had a pre-dinner bath and I didn't want them to get dirty again.

Really the purpose of this post is not so much about the stuffed banana peppers, but to bring up the that I have posted before. I made these again and followed the recipe a little better. I made 15 of them (30 halves) and brought them to supper club. Gone. Made another batch for a Labor Day dinner. Gone.

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