Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This month's theme is great because two weeks in, I'm already packing the same boring lunch for Henry every day- some kind of nut-free butter and jelly sandwich. I'm pretty sure Henry doesn't mind, because my kids would survive on PB&Js alone if we let them. (None of my kids have touched a supper I've made in YEARS.)

Last year, Henry started asking if I would buy him Lunchables, like ALL the other kids had. If there's one thing in life I am against, it's Lunchables. Nothing in those $3 meals even qualify as food. They are just food PRODUCT. Luckily, Ziploc makes these awesome containers that look like a Lunchable, and appeased Henry for the most part. And I only have to wash one container (because plastic baggies are number 2 on my list.)
Here's Day 1. A few of the whole wheat banana oat muffins, applesauce, and ham and cheese on a whole wheat bagel. Eh. At least it's not PB&J.
Day 2: I made kebabs, as they're all the rage on the mommy lunch blogs. Grapes and peaches, and cheese, tomatoes, and ham. Plus muffins, and some gross crackers Henry picked out at the store.

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