Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't believe I'm the first person to post for this challenge....that *never* happens!

So I was telling Kerri this morning that I'd be fixing enchiladas for supper tonight and it hit me that they're red--and I even remembered to take pictures, which I will upload once my battery has recharged...

I used this recipe to make the enchilada sauce
. This was probably the fourth time or so that I've made it, and my notes on it are: be careful what chili powder you use--the stuff I used the first time was dark and didn't taste right. But what I got from the dollar store works just fine! Also, all purpose flour works just fine if you don't have any self rising flour.

The type of enchilada varies each time I fix it, depending on what's on hand. I was originally going to use the Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken recipe, but didn't get the Crock Pot out in time. Then I was going to use ground beef, but realized that we'd used the last of it the other night.

We did (fortunately) have a little over 1/2lb of ground turkey, so that's what I used tonight. I browned and drained it, then added a can of black beans, some homemade salsa from earlier in the year, and a diced red bell pepper. (More red!). Once the sauce was finished, I added a little of that and some cheese, too.

A scoop of the turkey mixture went into a flour tortilla and was folded up burrito-style. (We had soft taco tortillas on hand--I recommend using at least a 6" tortilla. Mine were a bit small.) Those went into two glass casserole dishes that had been spritzed with cooking spray, and were covered with the remaining sauce and some more cheese. Then it all went in the oven for 15 minutes at 375*.

I think we had 10 baby enchiladas, and have more filling to use later. (I'd have to make more sauce, though.) I topped mine with sour cream. Yummy :-)

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